We monitor, inspect, service, design and install Fire Alarm Detection Systems.  This includes the smoke detectors, pull stations and audio-visuals (horns, strobes and speakers) that you see in a building, plus control of other building systems like elevators, HVAC, sprinklers, locks and smoke control systems.



 The Fire Alarm System sends signals off site to a constantly attended UL listed station, which dispatches the fire department and notifies the management.  Even buildings that have only sprinklers are required to be monitored off-site.  We provide this service using either conventional POTS type telephone lines or less costly cellular service and with NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS.  Contact us about your new or existing system.  We can work with most brands so don’t think that you have to change out the panel to change your monitoring service.


All fire alarm systems are required to be tested, inspected and tagged by a licensed fire alarm company at least once per year.  We’ll provide you with the completed forms and tags that the Fire Marshal needs to see for code compliance.  With options for early starts or weekend tests, the disturbance to your tenants will be little to none.   And we’ll coordinate the inspection of the sprinkler system for you.  The sprinklers are a totally different system, yet are monitored by and connected to the fire alarm system.  Contact us  for more info or to set up a date.

Service and Repairs

Our technicians are trained and broadly experienced with a wide variety of systems from brand new to very old.  We keep an extensive stock of parts including many hard-to-find components.   All too often a manager is told that a panel is too old to work on, it must be replaced.  Get a second, even a third, opinion. Give us a c ll before you tear out perfectly good equipment that just needs an experienced technician.  With decades of combined experience, we’ll get the job done.


New systems, additions, remodels and system upgrades will be completed by our licensed technicians, not sub-contractors.   The same technicians who install your system will be available to service it.  Since we honor our warranties fully we make sure it’s installed correctly from the start.  If you’re upgrading the elevators, HVAC or sprinklers we’ll coordinate closely with your contractors to interface their work with the fire alarm system correctly.

Design & Planning

Our licensed alarm planning superintendents can design, stamp and submit the plans needed to receive the fire marshal’s approval.  If you already have plans drawn up we can value engineer the design to make sure you’re getting the maximum ROI.   Owners often find that our review reduces the required work and minimizes costs.

Attention all fire alarm design professionals, due to issues with printing (drawings not printing so scale), staffing and current workloads, AFD will no longer be accepting and processing 5 device or less fire alarm submittals via email. Please drop off plans at the intake window the same as all other submittals.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Make sure you leave the safety of your building in the hands of the experts.

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